Robert Fagan Art History Library & Study Center

Throughout his lifetime, Kurt Seligmann developed one of the greatest magic and the occult libraries in the United States. Prior to Arlette Seligmann’s death, she donated this collection to Cornell University’s Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections. In 2014, to honor Kurt’s dedication to great books and collections, the Citizens Foundation opened the Robert Fagan Art History Library & Study Center – the only library dedicated to the arts in Orange County.

Here, books on art movements, historical periods, individual artists, architecture, and exhibit catalogs can be used for research, or just to learn more.

Much of the collection in the library was donated to the Citizens Foundation by Lenore Parker, the widow of art critic and writer Robert Fagan. The Citizens Foundation and the Seligmann Center hold smaller programming events in the library and, on occasion, smaller exhibits are on display.