Buildings & Grounds

The Orange County Citizens Foundation is located on 55 acres of bucolic farmland once owned by the surrealist artist Kurt Seligmann and his wife Arlette. There are a number of different buildings on the property, some housing local non-profits, and others that are used for art exhibits, performances, and meetings. The spaces are available to the public for private parties, including weddings and corporate retreats. We offer discounted rates for non-profit/educational uses and members above a certain level also receive discounted rental rates.

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925 Sq. Ft.

Maximum Capacity
115 people- studio & terrace standing room only
95 people- studio standing room only
80 people- studio seated with podium
60 people- studio seated with tables


Take a tour of the Seligmann Grounds!


There is no admission fee, though donations are welcome, for the Seligmann Center’s grounds or exhibitions, and the majority of the Seligmann Center’s programs are free. Learn more about event fees on the events page.