SunCommon Grant

SunCommon Announces $3000 Grant and Call to Artists & Community Groups   

A $3000 grant is now available to a Hudson Valley artist or community group for an artistic outdoor installation near a 1,000 panel Community Solar Array (CSA) at the 55-acre Seligmann Center at the Orange County Citizens Foundation in Sugar Loaf, NY.  The Orange County Arts Council (OCAC) and The Seligmann Center are partnering with SunCommon, the solar company behind the CSA, for this Call to Artists.

This piece will be placed outside the pollinator landscaping around the fencing of the array, near the corner of Kings Highway and Bellvale Rd. It will join the seven other outdoor sculptures currently at The Seligmann Center, where visitors enjoy the natural landscape, walking paths and pollinator plantings. Artists and community groups are encouraged to propose pieces made through creative practices that engage with the local community and/or sustainable materials and renewable technology.

As a Bcorp, SunCommon is thrilled to be celebrating the artistic side of the Hudson Valley—and our partner, the Citizens Foundation, as well as honoring approximately 60 local families and small businesses who will be  switching to sustainable energy through the Community Solar Array. The sculpture should stand as an engaging enhancement to the partners’ dedication to environmentalism and their connection to the community through the arts.

Time Frame:

  • Short Concept Proposals (200 words max) by December 31, 2018 SEE APPLY BUTTON BELOW
  • First Notification by January 15, 2019
  • Full Proposal by January 31, 2019
  • Selection/Notification by February 12, 2019
  • Delivery/Installation by April 11, 2019

The piece may be a 1 year loan of a finished sculpture or the creation of new work that remains at the site for at least 1 year.

Applying artists and community groups must be in the Lower Hudson Valley (Columbia/Greene Counties and south) and create work that reflects some or all of several themes important to this project:

  • Honor the environment through eco-friendly materials and processes
  • Enhance the visitor’s experience and knowledge of this renewable energy Community Solar project, community connections, and good business
  • Embody the environmental sensibility of Kurt Seligmann, a member of the Orange County Farm Bureau, and his artistic attention to natural forms
  • Express the garden and farmstead sensibility of Arlette Seligmann


Interested artists and community groups are encouraged to review site photos (located below) and visit the site to learn more about Kurt and Arlette Seligmann and the Citizens Foundation. Learn more about why SunCommon is constructing Community Solar Arrays and how this localized approach to clean energy gives folks a very tangible way to fight climate change.


The selecting jury will include representatives of the Seligmann Center/OCCF, the OCAC and SunCommon. Questions about artwork and submission materials, contact: Dan Mack,  Questions about SunCommon and Community Solar, contact: Scott Meyer,




What does the $3000 cover?

The funds must cover the cost of any materials, labor, transportation, installation, and rights to display the work. These funds will be paid to the artist/community group, $1500 upon selection and $1500 upon delivery and installation of the piece.


What if my process is collaborative?

The jury welcomes proposals from artists or community groups who intend to involve members of the community (for example, youth programs or an outsider art group).


What size should the sculpture be?

Large scale or small, but visually engaging. We are open to the experience of seeing a large looming piece as you walk through the field to the site. Or a more intimate experience that you encounter as you get closer to the foliage screen. It could be one singular piece or a grouping of pieces. It should be a significant part of the experience of approaching the edge of the CSA.


Must the piece be custom made for this project?

We are open to custom work or ready-made pieces.


Can the piece be made on-site or must it be made elsewhere, brought to and installed on the site for the unveiling ceremony?

We are open to either. Keep in mind that the site is basically a bare field and there are no storage areas on site. We would welcome proposals that would for instance, involve a week of afterschool programming where kids are helping the artist construct the piece. It has to be in place at the unveiling ceremony in April, 2019.


What style/type of sculpture are you looking for?

Could be abstract, surrealist, or figurative sculptural work. Could be more from the landscape or garden design field, for ex: earthworks or a fountain. We are open to the work engaging with the public in a hands-on, interactive way.


Outdoor works are exposed to a harsh climate in this area. What’s the contingency plan? What are the time period and terms?

If the artist or group prefers to deliver a finished piece on loan, we would like the term to be at least one year—and therefore the piece should be designed to withstand the elements for that duration. If the artist or group proposes a permanent piece, granting ownership of the piece to the Citizens Foundation, we reserve the right to display it for as long as we can. Keep in mind, maintenance and supervision will not be possible at this site, so the work has to be as low or no maintenance as possible. If we are not able to maintain it (if it becomes dangerous or otherwise unviable), we will contact the artist/community group to see if they want to take it. If the artist/community group does not wish to claim and remove the piece, it is at our discretion to dismantle it. Or perhaps your piece will be designed to be biodegradable! SunCommon will set aside an additional fund of $1000 for any costs associated with repairs and/or removal.


Site photos